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150 thousand refugees in Ukraine were left without social assistance

150 тысяч беженцев на Украине остались без соцвыплат

In the Ministry of social policy decided to leave without any means of livelihood of those displaced persons from the Donbas who have not registered at the place of residence as refugees, that is, residing on the territory of Ukraine informally.

The Ministry of social policy with the filing of the security service of Ukraine ceased to pay 150 thousands of displaced people.

“We worked with the SBU in the last three months actively trying to eliminate fraudulent schemes, built around payments to immigrants. Only in recent months to provide security service and other law enforcement agencies, we have suspended payments to more than 150 thousand people”, – said the Minister of social policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko on his page in the social network.

According to him, the right to social assistance have only those who are officially living on the territory of Ukraine, controlled by Kiev.

“That is why based on the data of the SBU, we will continue to suspend the payment of some citizens against whom there are reasonable grounds to doubt the place of their residence in our territory. The purpose of these events is to know precisely what the assistance from the state are really immigrants, not fraud,” — said Rozenko.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Ukraine has registered more than 1.7 million displaced persons from Crimea and Donbas. As of February 1 1704937 consists of immigrants from Donetsk and Lugansk areas, and also Republic of Crimea. It 1346276 families.

The Ministry of social policy says that many asked for financial assistance. So, 714867 families of immigrants have made such a request to the office of. It is reported that 669487 families received such assistance. Since the beginning of the current year for needs of the immigrant provided more than 240 thousand UAH, but when you consider the number of families, this amount seems laughable.

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