How to be an ‘iconic’ football player: An exclusive interview with Antonio Conte

  • July 9, 2021

Antonio Conteri, former Chelsea manager and current assistant coach of Juventus, will give an exclusive interview to Football Italian at the Guggenheim Museum in the evening of July 15th.

The interview will be followed by a reception with the rest of the footballing world at the Italian football academy, where Antonio will teach the current players and coaches about his philosophy.

The interview will feature the former Juventus boss talking about his style of coaching, his relationship with the players, and how he managed to be so successful in his career.

The former Juventus coach has played a key role in the rise of young Antonio Conneri.

Juventus won the Serie A title in his first season in charge, and they finished second to Barcelona in the Champions League in the 2015-16 season.

Conteri is not only known for his famous red shirt, but also for his unique style of playing.

He was often known as the “Italian Antonio” in his youth and in his retirement he took the nickname “The Italian Antonio”.

His reputation was boosted by his success as a manager with the Juventus team.

Conte has been at Juventus since 2000, and has guided the team to the top four of the Serie D and the Champions Leagues in both his first and second seasons.

Conterio will speak to the club’s players about his career, and what he would like to do differently in the future.

Antonio Conte: How would you describe your philosophy?

Antonio Conters: I believe that we can all achieve greatness by having a good approach and not using all our strength to succeed.

The most important thing is to take a decision in a sensible way and stick to it, and not to get carried away by a little bit of success.

In this respect, I like the approach of Juve’s former coach, Conte.

Concomte is not the first coach to have been given the nickname ‘the Italian Antonio’ and is not unique to the Juventus camp.

Juventus have already had four coaches in the past four decades, and the coach that Conte inherits will be in a similar situation, having managed them for a long time.

António Contero: What kind of a role does Conte play?

Antonio conteri: Conte plays a special role as the coach of the Juve team.

I am the only coach who has coached the team on a regular basis, so we have a great relationship with him.

I also have a good relationship with all the players.

The team has an identity and it’s important that we are united.

We want to win the title and we have to achieve it together.

The players have to be united as well.

They must be part of the team and have the same desire and determination.

Antony Medri: Antonio, how do you feel about Juventus’s recent title success?

Antoniol Conteria: Juventus won it because they were not a team that played the traditional way.

They had a great style and they used to play a lot of counterattacks and set pieces.

They have a lot more energy now and they can play a more traditional style of football.

I believe they can achieve something great.

The current team is a lot stronger and stronger, but we still have the qualities of last year.

They can win the championship, but I hope that we will be able to achieve the same thing in 2017.

Antonsio Conters comments will be streamed live on our social media channels and Facebook page.

The full interview will begin at 2:30 pm (EST) on July 15.

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