Facebook’s lawyers fight with federal judge over social media data privacy

  • July 17, 2021

Facebook is seeking to fight a federal judge’s ruling that it must turn over data about its users’ social media use in a separate privacy lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The court’s order was issued in an unusual move for Facebook, which has fought to keep its users privacy by using a combination of facial recognition, location data and other methods to identify its users.

The case is part of a broader case that is likely to make Facebook a target of lawsuits by privacy groups and technology companies as they seek to gain access to information about how they use the social network.

Facebook’s lawyer, John Schulz, wrote in a brief filed Wednesday that the court order “sets up a dangerous precedent” that would allow Facebook to make a number of different claims in its lawsuit against the U.S. government over the government’s data collection program.

Schulz wrote that Facebook would have “no reasonable expectation of privacy” if the government sought to use its users to conduct surveillance.

“Facebook’s use of the technology to identify, identify, and identify again is just the tip of the iceberg,” Schulz wrote.

Schultz said that in this case, Facebook would not be allowed to “use the data to identify individuals or groups.”

Facebook said it plans to appeal the ruling.

The company is expected to argue in court that it should be allowed a few more years to comply with the order.

The case will be heard in the U


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