How to Make Your Twitter Followers Want To Tweet Again

  • July 30, 2021

Twitter’s #BTS social media program is a social media detox program for conservatives, who want to reach new followers.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says the program is intended to help conservatives “be more visible and more engaged.” 

Twitter’s program was launched in December of last year, and it’s now available for free to people who want it.

But the program, which has been popular for its positive impact on conservatives’ social media presence, has been criticized by many conservatives.

Twitter’s BTS social team created a “buzzword list” that lists many of the words conservatives hate on the social network.

Twitter suspended the program and banned the “bitchy” tweets and other bad words.

BTS was initially designed to target conservative users, but Costolo told reporters that BTS is now “designed for everyone.” 

BTS aims to help conservative users reach their target audience.

Costolo said the BTS team has created “a list of words you can use on Twitter to help you reach your target audience.”

The program includes keywords like “liberal,” “gay,” “fags,” and “dick.”

The BTS BTS Twitter page says the BTD program is designed to help people “create a safe space for conversation and communication.”

“In this new era, where our country is at a crossroads and where we need a new leader to lead, BTS will be the only platform that helps you become the leader you’ve always dreamed of,” Costolo added. 

BTFs are also meant to help moderate conservatives reach their audience.

The program requires users to follow the BTF’s account and post the hashtags #BTF, #BTD, and #BTT.

The BTFs Twitter account is moderated by the Twitter team, but the moderators can remove or edit posts.

The team says BTS has “been extremely active and supportive of conservative users who have spoken out on social media and on Twitter.” 

The BTF Twitter page claims BTS users have created over 200,000 tweets about BTS. 

A few BTS followers took to social media to express their disapproval of the program.

One user, @thehottie, wrote, “How is this a BTS detox?

You want to detox?

I think I can’t be a BTF.

How are you going to make people feel better about your program?

The program is so pathetic.”

Another user, “TheHoopHoopCat,” tweeted, “I am so angry at @BTS for trying to control people’s lives.

It’s a BTT and it is not worth the money.”

The Huffington Post’s Josh Guesman tweeted, “Twitter BTS’s BTF program was a complete waste of my time.

I wish I had spent more time doing BTTs.

I have no idea how they even think the program will work.”

Another BTS user, “@thehoophoopcat,” tweeted that the program “does not exist.”

The tweet was deleted and the user apologized. 

Other Twitter users have also expressed disappointment over the program’s lack of moderation.

“I am very disappointed in Twitter BTS and the fact that I have to keep a close eye on them,” one user, a Republican, wrote.

“I wish Twitter had a BTD and BTS.”


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