What you need to know about the deletion of social media

  • August 25, 2021

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday in a case that could determine whether Congress can regulate social media companies like Facebook and Twitter.

The case, called Zuckerberg v.

United States, could set the precedent for the future of online speech and commerce.

It centers on the ability of the U.s. government to delete or block accounts, as well as what kinds of content people can post on them.

Zuckerberg v.

Trump, U..

S., No. 14-1517, asks a court to invalidate the federal Communications Decency Act, which allows the government to censor online speech.

The plaintiffs, who are represented by a liberal-leaning law firm, argue that the Communications Decentralization Act is unconstitutional because it does not regulate the “intrusion of commerce.”

The law bars companies like Twitter and Facebook from selling advertisements or offering access to users’ private information, as required by federal law.

But the U and a group of states have argued that the act’s purpose is to protect speech.

In a ruling in March, the high court held that the commerce clause of the Constitution allows Congress to regulate the content of social networks.

It said the Commerce Clause was intended to protect freedom of speech and not to protect commerce.

The ruling means that Congress could regulate social networks without regard to whether they are “commercial enterprises,” as the court has previously ruled.

If the justices rule against the plaintiffs, it would be the first time that the Supreme Court has ruled on the issue.

In recent years, the court hasn’t struck down a regulation on social media.

The law could be interpreted to allow companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to operate without government oversight, and the justices could also strike down state laws that bar their businesses from operating in certain areas, as some do in California.


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