How to Avoid the Social Media Button on Facebook

  • September 18, 2021

If you’re like most of us, you’re used to Facebook buttons that let you comment, like and share links, and comment on posts.

But you may not realize you can click them without actually liking or commenting on a post.

But that’s not the only way to access a Facebook post or post in which you can interact with a person.

Here’s how.

How to Access Facebook Post or Post in which You Can Like or Comment on a Person’s Comments.1.

Click the Share button on a Facebook page.

Facebook’s Share button lets you share posts, images and links from other people on Facebook.

To see a list of posts, click the “more” icon.

To edit or delete a post, click on the Edit button at the top of the post or the “delete” button at any other page on Facebook or in the news feed.2.

From the posts, you can either like or comment on the posts in which a person has shared a comment.

Click on the like or reply button at each of the comments in which someone has shared an opinion.3.

If you’ve clicked the Share or Delete buttons, you may see a small picture of your comment that says, “Like this post” or “Like that post.”

Clicking the “Like” button on each of those posts will add your comment to the list of people who liked or commented on the post.4.

The Facebook posts or posts in the News Feed that contain a person’s name and/or profile picture may contain a button or a picture that you can select to share a photo or link that contains that person’s personal information.5.

From these posts or Facebook posts, other people can also see your comments, and see your profile picture and/ or name.

If a person is clicking on your comments or sharing your profile photo or name, the person will see their profile picture.6.

Facebook posts and posts in News Feeds that contain personal information are only viewable by people who have the same Facebook account as you.

Facebook is not responsible for the actions of anyone who chooses not to view your comments.


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