Facebook is getting ready to crack down on illegal sharing of copyrighted content: Report

  • September 19, 2021

Business Insider UK has obtained a report from Facebook’s legal team that suggests the social media giant will start to crackdown on illegal “shareware” and “fluff” sharing.

The report comes on the heels of a similar report by a US-based technology company that said Facebook would be able to crack “fluffs” in the coming months.

The US-focused company, called Techstars, said Facebook could now be ready to start cracking down on “fluffy” sharing of content that is not authorized by copyright holders, including non-commercial sharing and non-profit sharing.

Facebook already has a system that it uses to remove copyrighted content from its site that it considers to be fluff.

However, Techstars said the company will be more active in enforcing “flurry” sharing rules to help police enforce the terms of use.

Techstars’ report says the company is working with the US Justice Department to develop new “flurries” reporting guidelines that will include a clear and clear definition of what constitutes fluff and how it should be reported.

“Facebook has developed a system for removing fluff on its platform that will apply to the enforcement of its fluff sharing rules,” Techstars wrote.

“We believe that Facebook will be ready for enforcement of these rules within the coming weeks, but it is not yet clear whether Facebook will also be ready in the future for enforcement under other fluff reporting rules.”

Facebook declined to comment on the report.

Facebook’s legal strategy for fluff-sharing rulesThe report by Techstars comes as Facebook is working on a new system for enforcing fluff rules that it hopes will give the social network more tools to enforce its fluffs policies.

According to Techstars report, Facebook will begin to use a new set of rules in place of its current fluff enforcement policies.

Techstars estimates that Facebook’s fluff policy will take effect in the first quarter of 2020.

“The fluff policies will be built around a set of new enforcement tools, such as a reportable offense, a shared fluff account, and reporting fluff in a report.

These new tools will be used to enforce the fluff share policies in Facebook’s new reporting system,” TechStars said.”

These new tools are expected to be effective in the reporting of fluff offenses within Facebook in the months ahead, but may not be immediately available to other platforms.”

Facebook is also developing a new reportable offence, TechStars added.

This will be similar to the current fluffer reporting offence, but will have a greater emphasis on identifying and reporting copyrighted content.

Facebook also plans to develop a new shared fluffer account that will allow users to report fluffers that they have shared without permission, Techs said.

The new system will not be applied retroactively to fluff accounts that have already been flagged for reporting, Techstar said.

“The new reportability rule will be enforced in the same way as any fluffer reportable crime,” Techs added.

TechStars said that it expects Facebook to be ready within the first half of 2020 to start enforcing fluffs in a new way.

“While we do not have a clear timeline for when this new reporting rule will become available, we expect that it will be applied to fluffer reports within Facebook’s reporting system within the next two months, in line with the new fluffer rules,” the report said.

In response to the report, Tech Stars said that Facebook has already implemented new fluff “flusters” rules.

Facebook will “be using these new flusters to enforce fluff restrictions within its reporting system as soon as possible.”

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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