Twitter cleanse: Cleanse your social media

  • September 24, 2021

The social media site Twitter has been hit with an unprecedented amount of negative and negative comments and posts for the past two days.

This comes on top of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s public criticism of the company and a recent apology from the company.

“We’ve been very clear in the past that we don’t tolerate harassment of others and we have an incredible team dedicated to creating a culture that respects diversity and inclusion,” Dorsey said on Tuesday.

The social media giant has said it will take steps to curb the negative comments, but has yet to release any specific plan.

Twitter said in a statement that it is committed to improving its response to hate speech, but noted that it had a “few weeks” to address all of the comments that it has received.

In a statement on Thursday, Dorsey called on users to remain civil, and urged others to follow Twitter’s policies to remove hate speech.

“We need to continue to empower people to speak out against hate speech online,” Dorffsey said.

“Twitter and its partners have a responsibility to ensure that the voices of the marginalized, marginalized communities, and the most marginalized voices are heard.”

Twitter has been working diligently to respond to hate crimes, including in the last few weeks, and we are making great strides.

But hate speech remains a problem, and it must be addressed.

“Read more at the Guardian.


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