You don’t have to look far to find a young girl with autism: Aussie mom shares her story

  • November 1, 2021

Posted May 25, 2018 08:12:54A local mother is sharing her story about how she made the decision to adopt her son with autism, and she is sharing it with us through the power of social media.

Kelvin is the oldest of four children and a year-old, with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Asperger syndrome.

The eldest, Alex, was diagnosed at seven months old.

At first he was very quiet, and seemed like a child at first.

He didn’t have a good appetite, or much interest in his toys.

He would always be quiet in the car and just sat on the floor, but would eventually start to open his mouth.

Karen says he’s been very much like her son.

“I’d go and play with him and I would have my toys and he would have his, and we’d just play together,” she said.

“He was just the most sweet little boy.”

Alex had been living with his parents for four years when his family moved from Brisbane to Adelaide in 2011.

“Alex was very very autistic at the time, so when I first met him and his dad and mum, he was just a very quiet little boy,” Karen said.

Alex was diagnosed with autism at seven-and-a-half months old, and he was so small, his parents thought he might have had a rare form of autism.

“They just thought he was a little bit small, and they didn’t really know,” Karen told ABC News.

“But then, when he started to come around a bit more, he started doing things that were normal for him and really liked to play with other children.”

It’s just really difficult to understand that it’s not just something that you have in you, it’s something that is passed down to you.

“Alex’s condition was so rare that the family couldn’t afford to send him to a private school.

But they had no choice but to take him into their home.”

There were a lot of other homes for people with autism in Brisbane, and then we just said we’re going to do this,” Karen explained.”

We knew it would be difficult, but we just knew it was worth it because we knew that Alex would be happy in the home.

“Alex grew up in the same house with his dad, and Karen says the two were “best friends” from their time together as a family.”

Kelvins’ autism is a very unique condition, but there are many similarities to Aspergers and autism,” Karen says.”

Aspergers is more like a severe form of attention deficit disorder, but it’s still very normal and you have to be very aware of what you’re doing.

“With autism, it can be very difficult to figure out what is normal, what isn’t and it can affect your social interactions.”

Alex was adopted by Karen’s parents in the Adelaide suburb of Prahran in 2013.

“When we were first adopting Alex, I had just met him in a daycare,” Karen explains.

“And it was so much fun, he loved to play and he’s just so happy and happy to be around people.”

So we were very lucky to be able to adopt him, but at the same time, it was also very difficult for me to know what was normal and what wasn’t.

“Because he’s so small I didn’t know if he was going to be adopted or not.”

But after a year and a half of adoption, the little boy is doing so well, and in February, Karen says she and Alex were able to take Alex home with them.

“The first day we had him in the house, he couldn’t eat anything and was very sick, so we brought him in,” Karen shared.

“Then he started going through different things, like his breathing stopped, and it just started to slow down and then he just started acting normal.”

For a year we just waited for him to go home and then it started to go really well, so I was so proud of him.

“But when Alex came home a few weeks later, he didn’t respond to all the tests.”

At first I thought it was just his brain not getting the stimulation it needs, and I thought maybe he was being overstimulated,” Karen recalled.”

That’s when I found out that it was actually the autism.

“Alex has since started to show signs of the disorder.”

My daughter was just born at the end of last year, and that was the first time that she’s ever been diagnosed,” Karen revealed.”

She’s got this little yellow head, and there’s a yellow line on her forehead, and the other side of her head has a bit of a yellow mark on it.

“You see that yellow mark a lot, and when we were talking to her and her dad, they just couldn’t believe that it could be so serious.”


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