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A veteran of the FSB found “origins” of billions Colonel Zakharchenko

Ветеран ФСБ нашел «истоки» миллиардов полковника Захарченко

“Police reform failed miserably”

The scandal with the enormous amount of 9 billion rubles, which found the chief of Department “T” of the Main Department of economic security interior of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko, demonstrates the complete failure of the reform of law enforcement agencies and total merging business entities with law enforcement. This opinion was expressed by the expert, “MK”, the General-the major of FSB in the reserve Alexander Mikhailov.

He also suggested, whose money was hiding, a senior police officer, and as shared information for official use only with the merchants.

Ветеран ФСБ нашел «истоки» миллиардов полковника Захарченко

photo: Alex geldings

– Michael G., that fantastic amount which was found at Zakharchenko, who could belong? For one, even the boldest measure, too much.

– Honestly, I don’t quite believe that discovered the billions – is the thieves ‘ “obshchak”. More like the fact that it is still Bank money (according to one version, the money belongs to the depositors of bankrupt last year, “the Note-Bank” – “MK”). Saraceno worked in an area where businessmen and employees of law enforcement bodies “RUB against” each other. Again, the close contacts evidenced by the timely warning of the former head of “VimpelCom” Mikhail Slobodin, who managed to abscond. It is clear that this interaction occurs not directly, but through security service of commercial structures…

– As you said, the case of Colonel Zakharchenko is an isolated case or a corrupt web that still unravel after the arrest of General Denis Sugrobov (ex-head of the Main Directorate for economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry — ed.)?

– It is certainly not an isolated case. The first thing I would like to note: this and other corruption scandals of last time – an indication that reform of the interior Ministry failed miserably…

Ветеран ФСБ нашел «истоки» миллиардов полковника Захарченко

Zakharchenko (left) when he was a student.

– Why did it happen?

– First, the reform was carried out in conditions of a demographic hole. Under the reform of the system pushed the experienced staff who had an opinion that could have its say with him, most importantly, considered. Left, in the end, people who have not passed all steps of the career ladder and suddenly found myself in leadership positions…

Young not so experienced…

An increasing only a single successful case — is fundamentally wrong. It is impossible to lead to senior positions of the security forces who have no serious experience who has not been at all levels of the career ladder.

The result is the caste of untouchables (at least they think so)… People who just do not think about the consequences and their future, just incompetent. And people like Zakharchenko, Drifts and the like, need to clean up bottom. For example, I do not believe that the same Zakharchenko, who arrived from the periphery, if I remember correctly, did not have their skeletons in the closet. The one who appointed him to a senior position, deliberately turned a blind eye to his “tails” and was appointed with specific goals…

– How to fix the situation in the judicial system?

– First, we have completely destroyed a training system. Somehow it so happened that the law enforcement system is already at school became an incubator for “thieves”. Hence scandals such as the recent arrival of the graduates of the FSB Academy “Gelandewagen”… They come in with a sense of superiority, immediately granted senior positions without adequate experience. Naturally, they feel people grabbing God by the beard… Such a vicious system should be changed. In addition, today completely disavowed prosecutors. The Prosecutor as the supervising authority must return the full package of rights. Otherwise, in the absence of proper prosecutorial processes such as fabrication of cases, find the perpetrators, and not the truth, cross “pollination” of business structures and law enforcement will prosper…

HELP “MK”: What could be done on 9 billion roubles:

1. This money would be enough to cover annual expenses together with the debts of the Jewish Autonomous region (8.2 billion rubles) and the Republic of Kalmykia (7.7 billion rubles).

2. This is more than the annual budgets of Murmansk (8.5 billion rubles), Arkhangelsk (7.1 billion rubles) and Belgorod (7.1 billion rubles).

3. For the money, 55 thousand Russians could receive a pension during the year (based on average labour pension in Russia in the amount of 13700 rubles)

4. These funds would be enough to build 1 hospital with special equipment or 9 district clinics

5.This money would be enough for the construction of 11 modern schools or kindergartens 69

Read “a letter to the President” Alexander Minkin: “the Colonels also steal”

Ветеран ФСБ нашел «истоки» миллиардов полковника Захарченко



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