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After scoops — Gopnik


После совков — гопникиThe Soviet Union was an aggressive Messianic Empire, to feel yourself a participant of a global mystical duel with the United States as a Bastion and reservoir of the world capitalist evil. It is evil to be destroyed, and the fight had to end with the fall of one of the parties. And yet to imagine that on Soviet television was singing a song about “the medal of the city of Washington,” impossible. This song could bawl drunken Gopnik in the yard. But in the public space that was unthinkable.

You can, of course, explained by the fact that the totalitarian Soviet regime, with its total censorship did not allow the pals to air. And now we have a type of freedom. Including for Gopnik. However, it is appropriate to ask the question: why public cultural space is not allowed is it? Representatives of the Soviet party elite in their origins and upbringing were not the English lords. About the vulgarity and lack of taste of the Soviet “Grand style” written hundreds of articles and books. Nevertheless, this ernichane “Soviet style” was excluded.

These cultural and civilizational taboos acted not only in the Soviet elite. Any educated Soviet man in the street system that distinguished themselves from the bully, I understood that this song — the filth, like a dirty joke. Because you can’t mock the tragedy. Nor over that which was (and about which it is written playfully reworked song), nor on that which may happen. And we must do all that it did not happen. “Fighting for peace”, “if only there was no war, save humanity from disaster” — all of this was for the Soviet man an empty sound.

The party ideologues felt real theological anguish, trying to reconcile this “struggle for peace” with the dogma that the capitalist world must be defeated. Made up all sorts of “peaceful competition of systems”, promised against the yoke of capital will rise, “workers of all countries,” including America. They need only a little help. We want you to leave and not to destroy. And it was the core of Soviet messianism. This kept cultural taboos, through which Gopnik remained marginal. Yes, not all believed it. A deep down believed the struggle for peace military cunning. But to say it out loud but still impermissible. And not out of fear to give the enemy main military secret. Shy about it.

We now have in place to help workers in the cause of liberation — the desire to cast into hell “filthy tolerastov” who apostatized from traditional family values. Forgotten that between a man and a woman cannot be equality. Not respecting our “spiritual bonds”. Such as serfdom.

As a result, all cultural taboos destroyed. Gopnik admitted into the public space. The cultural elite down to the level of Gopnik. And I keep telling liberals how stupid Putin is not returning us the “scoop”. Putin pushes Russia at a much lower stage of civilization evolution than that which was the Soviet society. The level polulate of the archaic gate.

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