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Ankara has promised “Kurdish spring”

Анкаре пообещали "курдскую весну"

As early as next month in response to Turkey’s aggression aimed at the PKK in Syria could begin a “Kurdish spring”.

This was stated by one of the leaders of the PKK Duran Kalkan. According to him, Turkey for its aggression provokes the PKK decisive action.

“March will be the month of resistance. This spring will be the “Kurdish spring”. It is difficult to deter aggression Ankara. Kurdish young people create new organizations that will be radical enough,” said Duran Kalkan.

Kalkan also said that the PKK may decide on fighting in urban areas in South-East Turkey. To the word. Kalkan was supported by the Deputy of Pro-Kurdish peoples ‘ Democratic party, Hisler Ossau.

We will remind, Turkey’s foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused Washington of saying rather controversial statements, which could be regarded as support for Kurdish militia in Syria and cooperation with them in fighting against the militants of DAYS.

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