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ASUS Zenwatch smart watch 3 appeared on the “live” photos

The other day we wrote about the possibility of the emergence of smart watches ASUS Zenwatch 3 this year, and even with a round display instead of square. Looks like it will happen very soon, as the online today was discovered “live” and moderately high-quality images of this device, confirming all speculation.

Screen ASUS Zenwatch 3 really has a round shape, and the side of it it is possible to distinguish three control buttons. Design of a smart watch raises questions: in particular, why the authors have derived inspiration from steam-punk? On the other hand, such an appearance looks very cool, but probably this is just a prototype and the final version will be more standard and familiar look. On pictures watch ASUS Zenwatch 3 imprinted near the battery charger and the description says it gives out 5 volts and 2 amperes, although it is unclear why the clock so much. Apparently, it is planned almost instantaneous recovery of the charge, as in the case with such a small size battery a large amount simply will not fit. But it’s for the best – don’t have to wait for hours until the battery is fully charged.

Watch ASUS Zenwatch 3 is expected to be built on a software platform Google Android Wear, the most common and popular among app developers. The official announcement of the device can be held in early September on the show IFA in Berlin 2016.

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