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Biologists: vegans are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer than meat eaters

Биологи: веганы реже страдают от рака простаты, чем мясоеды

Men-vegans, that is, those who do not consume animal products, the risk of Contracting prostate cancer reduced by a third compared to meat eaters. British scientists for five years followed the health of 26 thousand representatives of the stronger sex over 30 years old and came to such conclusions.

Voluntary participants in the experiment answered questions about their diet. This allowed professionals to find vegetarians, including vegans. The 1079 participants by the end of the study revealed the prostate cancer.

The researchers found that men who do not eat meat but ate eggs and dairy products, risk of prostate tumors was the same as meat eaters. But the volunteers who did not eat foods of animal origin, was suffering from prostate cancer is 35% less.

Experts believe that it’s not just the lack of meat in the diet. Probably from a disease men protect the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, and soya (meat substitute). Vegans eat more fruits, vegetables and soya than vegetarians. In addition, they avoid fatty dairy products.

Meanwhile, a scientifically proven fact that vegans and vegetarians fewer sperm and lower sperm quality compared with meat eaters, reports Daily MED.

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