Thursday , October 6 2022
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People who realized that money can not be eaten

There is a saying, attributed to American Indians: “When the last tree is cut down when the last river is poisoned, when the last bird is caught, — only then will you realize that money can’t eat.” Thus, when we look at the approach to the business of individual companies, …

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In Bashkiria hunter is the beast shot a priest

In Bashkiria hunter shot the priest from the Orenburg region. This was reported in the press service of the interior Ministry. “The priest was in the bushes when walking past a local pensioner with a gun heard the noise and fired, taking the man for the big game”, — quotes …

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The leaders of the “Mosvodokanal” came to partners from Lipetsk

In Lipetsk took place the meeting of the first persons LTK “Svobodny Sokol”, which produces cast iron pipe ductile iron, and the country’s largest provider of public services “Mosvodokanal”.   Speaking about the purpose of this visit, the first Deputy General Director of “Mosvodokanal” Mikhail Vdovin, said that Moscow housing …

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American “superability” the F-35 detected by radar 150 miles

American “stealth” did not meet expectations of the aircraft”invisible”. American fighter fifth generation F-35 disgraced in front of the radar, in essence, represents a telescopic tower mounted on a conventional car, with a distance of 150 kilometers, and this despite the maximum effective range of the radar is 250 miles. …

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Who will select the unattended machine gun?

Write that in Ingushetia the Riot police lost the gun. Night, on the road from andara in Gazi-Yurt (the Nazran district). Along with ammunition in the amount of one hundred pieces. “Under unknown circumstances”. Furthermore, this is very funny (“Oh, it seems we machine-gun somewhere uttered”), it is also very …

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