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CAT “Marinka” in the Donbass reopened

КПП "Марьинка" в Донбассе вновь открыли

CAT “Marinka” in the Donbass resumed work in normal mode.

This was reported by the State border service of Ukraine on Sunday, 6 March.

The border check “Marinka” was not working on Saturday, 5 March.

The state frontier service of Ukraine accused militias of Donbass in the fact that they fired on the checkpoint, and the guards had to stop him.

Earlier, the Ministry of defense of the Donetsk national Republic has denied accusations of Kiev in the shelling of the checkpoint, handed over to the Agency TASS.
According to the representative of the Ministry of defense of the Donetsk national Republic Eduard Basurin, the position of the militia are too far from the checkpoint “Marinka” to DNR up to the checkpoint to carry the fire “from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades”.

We will note, earlier the decision of the Ukrainian side of the checkpoint, “Marinka”, which connects the territory of the DNI with Ukraine, have already been closed. This occurred on 13 February and 17 February 2016. Kiev explained the suspension of the checkpoint “the need to ensure the safety of citizens”.

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