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Chromebook CTL NL6x focused on sloppy students

CTL company presented its new chromebook NL6x, at first glance not much different from other representatives of its model range, but the reality is much more interesting in comparison with them. This mobile PC was created with an eye for use in educational institutions, and therefore were endowed with a reinforced hull.

This feature CTL NL6x is that he isn’t afraid of falling from small height, and the water spilled on the keyboard, buttons which literally vandal — they are impossible to pull out without any tools, and this feature is lacking in most conventional laptops. All of these benefits, the manufacturer has added protected interfaces and enhanced power connector, which will not be easy to break down. In the bonus the ability to easily remove marks from a permanent marker, and the warranty period of one year, involving the replacement or repair of the unit in case of accidental damage.

CTL NL6x costs only 270 US dollars, with the HD screen on an 11.6 inch, 4 GB of RAM, 16 GB ROM and an Intel Celeron N2940. The only thing that spoils the impression of CTL NL6x is its software component through the Google Chrome browser, which in this case is positioned as a full-fledged operating system called Chrome OS. In other words, a full-fledged OSes here, alas, no.

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