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Climatologists: the rise of Global sea level during the twentieth century proved to be a record

Климатологи: рост уровня Мирового океана в XX веке оказался рекордным

A group of scientists under the direction of Bob Kopp from Ratestogo University have discovered changes in sea levels over the three Millennium, and found that in the XX century the growth rate was higher than that at least 2,700 years.

From 1901 to 2001, the global sea level has risen more than in any century since 800 BC. According to the researchers, they collected data allow to assert that with 95% probability. As emphasized by climatologists, comparable with twentieth century rates of growth could not be observed previously, however information that can confirm or deny, there isn’t enough, reports CNN. Scientists have also found that the record was set primarily as a result of human activity. If the change in global sea level was only influenced by natural factors, it could either be reduced by three centimeters, or to rise at seven. However, under the impact of man per century growth reached 14 inches.

Experts note that “historically significant” rise in global sea level began to occur only in the late nineteenth century. Prior to this, the water level grew very slowly. 700 to 1400, the year he declined, for the whole of this period, a decrease of eight centimeters (a similar phenomenon was connected with some decline in average annual temperatures). The study shows that in the last half century the global sea level is growing fast, after 1860 the rate of growth was 0.4 mm per year in the twentieth century — 1.4 mm, and today this indicator has already reached 3.4 millimetre a year. The international team of researchers published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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