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Do you support a vote of no confidence in the government of Medvedev?

Поддерживаете ли вы вотум недоверия правительству Медведева?

Unsuccessful reform of mypolice, the complete failure of the “fight” against corruption, the destruction of free education and medicine, the collapse of the army, the sale of strategic state property, the unbridled increase in utility rates, insane immigration policy destroying small business…

A list of “achievements” of the government can be continued indefinitely. Now these “defective managers” decided to crush the Russian science, eliminating the Russian Academy of Sciences and sawn her property through the painfully familiar patterns a La “Oboronservis.”

The Communists collected more than a hundred signatures of state Duma deputies for the resignation of the government Medvedev. This is sufficient to run the procedure for a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet. Do You support the initiative of Communists? Would You send the government in resignation? Vote and leave your opinion in the comments.

Top 10 reasons to spend Medvedev and his Ministers to leave. FOREVER!

During his inglorious reign, the leader of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev and his handy:

1.Brought the economy back to recession

2.Drove Russia to the WTO on unfavorable terms

3.Blew housing prices to dizzying heights

4.Was dieformetal army to combat ineffective status

5.Mired in corruption scandals

6.Inflicted a crushing blow on science and education

7.Threw on grabbing the remains of state property

8.Put starving millions of the country’s citizens (more than 15.800.000 people in Russia live below the poverty line)

9.Let the oil and gas windfall to support the U.S. economy(over $500.000.000.000 from the sale of nonrenewable oil and gas reserves, our government has invested in U.S. securities under a pathetic 2% per annum, at the same time taking on the internal and external markets funds at 5-8%)

10.Forced to go dark or to close down to 400,000 individual entrepreneurs.

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