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Doctors have developed a new method that restores brain function

Медики разработали новый способ, восстанавливающий функции мозга

During the implementation of new laboratory projects experts explained how to restore the function of the human brain.

The authors experiments were employees of the Institute of public Health, located in Montreal. A group of doctors made a revolutionary discovery that will become the basis for implementation of further tests and experiments. Large-scale laboratory surveillance, conducted by scientists showed that in the Central division of the human nervous system contains separate cellular components involved in almost all activities of the brain. According to scientists, their functions also include the regulation of neurons in case of damage or occurrence of diseases. Team of leading specialists confirmed that the human brain is much more adaptive abilities than previously thought.

The researchers found that in the treatment of various ailments related to the neurophysiology of the Central division of the human nervous system can help the astrocytes. Recall that astrocytes are brain cells that looks like a star. These substances are located around the neurons and neural circuits, performing a protective function. The astrocytes help the cells to recover. Scientists believe that based on these components, doctors can create medicines for the treatment of epileptic States. In addition, experts say that they will be able to upgrade existing from neurodegenerative diseases medicines.

According to the staff of the clinical centers, the brain representatives of the stronger sex is weak and consists of many billions of cells. The order of transmission of information data between them is controlled by special links, which depend largely on the activity of astrocytes.

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