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Excessive sweet tooth can cause wrinkles

Излишняя любовь к сладкому может привести к появлению морщинSweet can ruin the youth.

Every year women spend millions on the purchase of different kinds of humidifiers, the producers of which claim that these wonderful tools are able to turn back time. But if you are a sweet tooth, then no amount of moisturizers will not help you — it’s throwing money to the wind. English dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris noticed that many patients seeking treatments for skin rejuvenation, the skin was covered with an excessive amount of wrinkles, though she was not exposed to intense solar radiation.

The answer lay in the diet of these ladies — they were imposed on sugar and products containing it. Research shows that rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates diet causes our skin more harm than a whole life spent in the sun. But the good news is that the process can be put in the opposite direction. Myself Dr. Farris have developed a diet “Sugar detox”, which allows you three days to completely abandon this product.

Within three days can not eat or drink yogurt, milk, cheese, dairy products with lactose, wheat products (pasta, rice, bread), artificial sweeteners, actual sugar, alcohol and fruit (except lemon or lime juice). This allows for three days to cleanse the body of sugar. Permitted to eat low fat meat, fish, eggs or vegetable forms of protein, like lentils, peas and beans.

It is further recommended for four weeks to use such products as eggs, fat-free red meat, pork, chicken, Turkey, tofu, beans, avocado, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, celery, cucumbers, Kale, lettuce, lemons and limes, almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, butter, coconut and olive oil, coffee (unsweetened, black), green, black or herbal tea without sugar and water. In four weeks you will see the effects of skin rejuvenation and notice the increase energy levels in the body and improve the mood.

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