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Expert: Ukrainians are no longer “normal”

Эксперт: украинцы больше не будут «нормальными»


In early 2014 in Kiev there was a coup. Then the Crimea became part of Russia, and residents of Donbass proclaimed DNI and LC as independent republics. Kiev, this situation was not to their liking, so the government sent the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) to the Donbass, to regain control over the territories. This conflict lasted for five years.

In April of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on simplified issuance of Russian passports to residents of DND and LNR. The authorities of Ukraine, such a move is not liked even more. Those citizens who have already got Russian passports, Ukrainian military expert Vladimir kopchak called “abnormal”. He stated the following:

Эксперт: украинцы больше не будут «нормальными»

The expert noted that in some areas, which are under the control of the Kiev authorities, there are also people who have Russian passports. This is due to a different kind of “family circumstances”.

Эксперт: украинцы больше не будут «нормальными»

We will remind, Ukraine’s President-elect Vladimir Zelensky in his election campaign promised to resolve the conflict in the Donbas the world. Apparently, after the inauguration of the Chapter Square this promise was forgotten as the case of the Donbas has not yet moved forward.

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