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Fights and sex scenes in a new action movie with Alexey Vorobyov

The bachelor lifestyle-heartthrob, it seems, liked Alexey Vorobyov. Artist, successfully combining a career in film and on stage, never misses an opportunity to show his muscular body. So, in the new Russian-Italian film “Wake Up and in which the sparrows acted as editor, composer and performer of one of leading roles, he starred in the sex scenes to show itself in all its glory.

Tape Italian Director Stefano Lorenzi talks about a fierce match in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. The film shows the story four heroes — a modern Gladiator, and among them the hero of Alexey Vorobyov.

But the attention of fans, with whom the artist shared the news about the premiere, attracted not so much the announcement of a new picture of how the ambiguous role played by the sparrows. In the trailer for the new picture of Alex appears before the audience naked in bed scene with onscreen sweetheart.

Despite the cinematic passion, in real life, sparrows have not met the darling. Showman, became the main hero of the last season of the Bachelor, found love among the 26 participating in the show. Thus, he became the first in the history of the TV show the groom that did not select one of the contenders for his heart.

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