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First aid for bites and stings — what to do and how to avoid

Первая помощь при укусах — что делать и как избежать

Animals bite, and not only wild but also domestic. Yes, if You were bitten by Your cat or hamster, something to worry about generally not worth it. Do not forget that Pets do not bite out of anger, but during the game, from excitement or too great love of the master. Naturally, if You are bitten by Your favorite Alabai, almost cut off the hand, you should take the necessary measures. About first aid snake bites, we have already talked in another article, here will touch on some other dimension of the issue.

In General, a concern may be any bite if the skin is damaged and there is bleeding, even if small. Again, if Your pet spends time outside, then possible contact with infected animals. Then when you bite it is better to err because one of the reasons for the attack on the master, can be infuriating.

About wild or stray animals and say nothing – they live on the street, eating what they could find and on the teeth, they have a whole bunch of various bacteria. Try to avoid contact with stray dogs, in any case, do not try to Pat a wild animal, which You have been ever infected with rabies, the animals are looking for human contact, so it is not necessary to meet foxy, a friendly running towards You from the forest. The problem of wild animals that rabies is spreading among them with startling speed, because it does not meet any obstacles. Yes, in especially serious situations, in the area of infection with a quarantine, however, this does not negate the fact that any wild or stray animal may be sick with rabies.

Signs of rabies in dogs

Rabies has one interesting feature. It develops gradually as it approaches from the bite to the brain. In other words, if You are bitten in the leg, then the disease will be quite long. The symptoms in this case will emerge and increase gradually. If in the neck – then You want to go to the hospital as the virus reaches the brain as quickly as possible. The same rule applies to animals. If Your pet was bitten in the neck, then you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Well, if the tail of something, consider that You have some time to spare.

In the initial stages to determine the presence of the disease in dogs is quite difficult, but possible. She becomes restless, agitated, and then she begins to run away from home, to swallow the items. She may be vomiting. In the final stages, the dog starts to throw without barking and she observed the profuse salivation. Contrary to popular belief, pet may not be afraid of the water during the disease.

First aid for animal bites

So, what you need to do by the bite of an animal? Let us examine in more detail.

  • First of all, the wound needs to be cleaned. You can use plain water, but better, of course, soap.
  • At first, the bleeding is better not to stop, as it in some measure, removes the animal’s saliva. Of course, if the bleeding is severe, it makes little sense to push him a harness or belt to prevent blood loss.
  • Treating the injury with antiseptic. For example, iodine, potassium permanganate, alcohol, even vodka, it depends on what You have on hand.
  • Impose on the wound dressing, preferably sterile. But, if not there, then you go and just clean cloth.
  • As quickly as possible deliver the victim in medical institution. There will assist you and check whether it was an infection.

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