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First impressions from prototype Volvo s90

Первые ощущения от прототипа Volvo s90

Flagship sedan Volvo S90 will go on world market not earlier than autumn 2016, but Western journalists were able to experience the power and comfort of the analog BMW 5 series from Swiss manufacturers.

The new sedan from Volvo s90 won their fans immediately after the premiere showed at the Detroit auto show, where it became known that the car will arrive on the market in four versions. According to automotive columnist Vicky Parrot, this is one of those cars that I want to buy without hesitation, its external quality is literally forced to believe that everything else – the interior and technical parameters – at least as good.

Первые ощущения от прототипа Volvo s90

The parrot was able to drive a new creation of Volvo’s prototype car. She emphasizes that the class of a BMW 5 series in anything is not inferior to him. The S90 is a bit more in length, which makes it more comfortable. Chairs in the cabin are exactly the same as what are in a new SUV XS-90.

Inside, a large color touch screen, which is standard in any configuration together with satellite navigation. Also included are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The trunk is not small – 500 liters.

In his hands was a Parrot version with a 232-horsepower, four-wheel drive, which is more powerful than diesel.

reCensor.ru recalls that on sale in Sweden the car will come only in early summer, and in Russia the model will reach only by the fall of 2016.

Первые ощущения от прототипа Volvo s90

Первые ощущения от прототипа Volvo s90


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