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How to dress in a crisis

Как одеваться в кризис

Today more and more attention is paid to universalism. It is possible to combine models with different things, striving for practicality. In addition, due to the major models of things to form your style and image.

You can save considerably if you buy clothes in stores-flows and the discount. It is better to buy branded clothing, which is worn long and does not lose the original appearance after a few washes.

A lot of things that were not needed, you can redo it. Look for exits to save, because in our time it is especially important. From time to time buy clothes in second-hand shops. After all, you can buy decent stuff, of course, provided that they are carefully stored and carried.

For shopaholics with experience is the ability to return the money that was spent on unnecessary things. Such things will be found in every wardrobe. In today’s time is to live frugally by spending budget only on the Essentials.

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