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If haapiti, full

Если хайпить, то на полную

In humans, no different mental abilities, there is the perennial obstacle to self-development, which consists in love to procrastinate some topic from time to time, banishing her in my head, inventing different options, creating yourself while in the brain some already distant picture very different from reality. Then it turns what you get.

For example, today a national holiday – Russia Day, which takes place with parades, concerts and other festive events, creating a light and relaxed atmosphere in the General output. However, there are individuals who, because of his stupidity decided that it would be fun is a holiday to gather for the event, which organizers officially announced that this action is not carried out.

Yes, I’m talking about rallies in support of Ivan Golunova – detained journalist of “Medusa”, who was accused of drug article – and which already dropped the charges! Shot on the personal orders of the head of the interior Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev, having released yesterday from house arrest.

What preceded it? Crazy work of public organizations, through which the journalist and released. What did our liberals? Completely eliminated this laborious work his behavior, which came all Moscow events with the arrests. During all this action the Internet is shaking under thunderous crowing of the “fifth column”, which, you see, not allowed to Express your opinion.

You no nothing forbidden, Hello! You 25 hours a day just doing that scribble in your tweeters angry messages, but you still came “black funnels”, which are already there, but believe me, if there were a few other times last century – you would not even give a Twitter account to start.

Ivan Kolpakov – editor-in-chief of “Medusa”, Director Ivan Golunova, personally, in his account said that “CALLS to action”, noting that everything is over, but where there. If hipity something, full stop, no brakes!

It is the desire of the hype was the cause of this rally: not whether rukopozhatnoy group of people aims to promote this theme, everything would be just glad a just decision from the highest echelons of the interior Ministry and the office of the President, made on the basis of information provided by public organizations.

The release of Ivan – this is the merit of public men. Not you, dear liberal society, which now more resembled a rude enclosure with chimpanzees in which to throw a bit of banana in the zoo visitor is considered a matter of honor.

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