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Impenetrable mysteries of Moscow yard

And the Father was a partisan!

 Непроницаемые тайны Московского двора

It’s been four days after the historic meeting in Minsk of the Supreme state Council Assembly, the so-called “Union state”, hewn under Yeltsin and never post babies. The meeting was announced back on February 22 –
In Minsk was raided by choice polabiny led GDP and the LADIES, and formic crowd of voices.
It seems that the bid was for a surprise – the only way to kill mosquito the bloodsucker…
When “Europe’s Last dictator” learned from his brothers that they want to spend the GHS with the adoption of certain historical decisions, then decided as always, to include Durkee and first to hear what the Bros want.

Surprisingly, about of the contents of the installation conversation the world has not learned a single word. Did the leaders agree on agenda or opinions differ?..
In the end, met or was limited to “the exchange of views on a wide range of issues”?..
Then the information from Minsk-existent, and curiosity eurosevic habitually drowned out victorious reports from Syria.
Was not and traditionally warm wires dear guests.

It was unclear whether there was in General conducted historical HCV, or a meeting limited to a meaningful conversation. Or the content of the conversation is unprintable character?
But if the Supreme Council was held, what world-historical decisions he made? And most importantly, what are the appointments made in the end of the fraternal discussions?
Any information, even casually on the official site not at all! Cm.

Not more talkative and the website of the President of Russia

Last update for February 26 contains no mention of interstate meetings in Minsk…

But if you dig, you can and key is out of the question and find the video So it sat and sat…

Silent and all-knowing blogosphere. The less you know – sleep tight!..
One thing is clear – no new-the USSR still did not work, no movies, kinwick sick…
But if Father potato without quenching and with weaker genetic memory, I would lust for a cavalry swoop older bro.
Of course, now it’s harder to suck-subsidized from Moscow Tits, but tit after all and the blind can see that as empty as a bottle of beer at the tram stop at midnight…

But you must admit, no SWAT can not be in principle! What would this look like in nature? 90 the subjects of the Russian Federation plus the super-entity of Belarus? Or new-the Soviet Union from Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan?..
And if so, then a common currency – only from Moscow, administration of Moscow, the army from Moscow, and in the end, triune, three-headed Russian people, securely guarded the Kremlin and the mausoleum. Obviously an unworkable mechanism… Fools to go this way seems today. Conked out completely!..

However, we are not alone concerned with the greatness and sacredness. In Eastern Europe spreads its wings the old counter-partner of Moscow to Warsaw. It has become increasingly to remember your stellar watch, shameless, direct to public, nostalgic for the triceps Geci the Commonwealth, hoping to reincarnate its part of Poland, Belarus and Lithuania…

But let us return to Sobro. It remains to figure out how to lead older brother tomorrow. His choice, taking into account the Ukrainian experience. In Minsk there is no Crimea with Sevastopol, then to enter polite men in Vitebsk or Orsha will be counter-productive. However, you can resent the fact that Brest is not yet out and there is not enough honor Russian language, and Brest fortress by the intensity of the sacred is quite pull on the Chersonese Sevastopol or… something…

Still, some traces of HCV was found. For example, an interview on hot immediately after the meeting – or a modest video memory –
Out, and HCV has passed, and any crucial decisions have been made…
Well, thank God! So miss us next year, it seems, do not have…

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