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In Ukraine the unemployed more than half a million

На Украине безработных уже более полумиллиона

In Ukraine in January this year the unemployment rate reached 1.9 percent. Data excludes Crimean Peninsula and uncontrollable Kiev territories of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

In principle, according to the state statistics service, nothing has changed. According to the service, the indicators remained at the same level as in December 2015.

In this case, the State statistics service reported that in January 2016 the growth of unemployment stopped, and in previous months, the indicators showed steady growth.

At the moment in Ukraine only 508,6 thousand unemployed (compared to EUR 490.8 thousand a month earlier). Thus, the number of unemployed increased by 17.8 thousand people.

It is noted that the report reflects only data from those who officially does not work. Realie indicators, according to conservative estimates, above.

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