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Japanese engineers have created self-assembling a Rubik’s cube

Японский инженер создал самособирающийся кубик Рубика

Enthusiast from Japan, has created a Rubik’s cube, which is able to collect all faces of the same color with integrated motors and sensors. A video showing the work of self-assembling cube was published on YouTube, and the drawings and photos are available on the DDM website.make.

New development based on an earlier prototype of the cube, created by an engineer. Unlike its predecessor, the updated version has a standard size and does not need the oscilloscope that recorded the rotations of the segments of the first prototype. In addition to several electric motors and of the gears inside is printed on a 3D printer cube are the battery and a few microcontrollers.



As noted by N+1, the developer did not disclose the technical details of the work cube. For example, it is unknown exactly how the device tracks rotations and whether it to determine the original location of the segments being in the off state.

Recall before it became known that the Russian Andrei Che took third place in the final of the world championship speed Assembly Rubik’s cube. This success he has achieved, speaking in category “Assembly with one hand.”

Currently the world record for solving Rubik’s cube (4,22 seconds) belongs to the Australian Felix Zemdegs. Robots do the task much faster. So, in March of this year, the robot, created by robotics specialist Ben Katz and software developer Jared Di Carlo, was able to collect the puzzle of just 0.38 seconds.

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