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Jaros introduced a new political movement

Ярош представил новое политическое движение

In Lviv, the former leader of the Right sector MP Dmitry Yarosh presented the Lviv journalists new political force – the National movement “Derzhavniki initiative jarosz” (DIYA).

According to Yarosh, the new movement should perform a unifying function for a number of Patriotic organizations.

“There is a initiative to create a national movement that became a unifying many of the Patriotic forces at this difficult time for Ukraine and would be able to implement the ideas that does not implement the current government,” he said.

Yarosh added that the political structure will have many features in common with the movement of the people’s movement of Ukraine. It will bring together people of completely different political, ideological directions, irrespective of language, religion and the like.

As noted by the leader of the DIYA, the main purpose of patterns is to restore order in the rear, that is, the “big” Ukraine, including the capital, without which, according to Yarosh, it is impossible to return the territory of the occupied Donbas and Crimea.

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