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Kharkov border guards a big problem

У Харьковских пограничников большие проблемы

And again, off the chain Selyukov

Very nationalist Ukrainian patriots, coming back from earnings from Russia, did not like that the Ukrainian border guards at the checkpoint between Kharkiv region of Ukraine and the Belgorod region of Russia spoke in Russian, and not on Ridniy movi, according to TG-channel “WELDERS”.

The patriots attempted to require the guards to move on they understand the Ukrainian language, on which he was sent.

Then the head of the Kharkiv border detachment received a complaint against his subordinates from disgruntled patriots.

In this situation, the main Kharkiv border guard was afraid of being accused of separatism and an ultimatum and forbade his subordinates at checkpoints to speak Russian language. Those who do not fulfill this requirement, promised to dismiss.

Thanks to the vigilance of patriots from the Kharkov guards now appeared a big problem, due to the fact that some of them Ukrainian language is not studied, even in school.

Maydanopiteki never explained why I went to the “aggressor”.

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