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Latvians opposed the film of the BBC about the attack of Russia

Латвийцы выступили против фильма ВВС о нападении России

On Friday in Riga was held a picket demonstration against the BBC filmed the movie, which simulates the attack of Russia to Latvia, LTV. As have informed Agency LETA in gospolitiki, the picket was peaceful, no incidents recorded.

Just a protest near the government building gathered about 80 people. Among participants of picket there were many people at the age. They objected to showing the film on LTV taxpayers ‘ money. The protesters held posters with inscriptions in Latvian, Russian and English that read: “War psychosis — not for our money,” “BBC, stop spreading gossip about Daugavpils!”.

The organizer of the protest made by the Russian Union of Latvia. In the picket was attended by the MEP Tatyana Zhdanok, representative Miroslav Mitrofanov, inhabitants of Daugavpils, including deputies of the Daugavpils city Council.

As reported, the film “World War Three: Inside The War Room” that was produced by BBC, is a simulation of a possible war in Eastern Europe. In the film, Russia to support Pro-Kremlin separatists in Latvia occupies 20 border cities. While the NATO leaders could not decide how to respond to the invasion, Britain decides to send to Latvia its soldiers, and Russia is responsible for a nuclear strike.

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