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Liberals against most

Либералы против большинства

Либералы против большинства

For more than six months doing this project in C-Fi setting on the theme of space in the universe is close in spirit to the project of the USSR-2061.

The game is simple, has history, will be the arts on the theme of Soviet future, there is good music. Not enough money to finish faster. But I would sawed slowly if not logged in and saw an amazing picture. Notorious society memorial has launched a fundraiser on the Board game “74”.

Quote: “the Soviet history. The game’s plot – the fate of the family in the twentieth century, from 1917 to 1991.” That is, if someone does not understand this about life “rukopozhatnoy” intellectuals, dieugenio and other anti-Soviet.

Либералы против большинства


It’s really cute, isn’t it? Here’s another:


Либералы против большинства


Their stated goal was to collect 74000 rubles, they assembled, attention, 571000 RUB .

And here I thought that raising funds for projects with a political or ideological color, it’s not just to raise money, it is a test for cohesion. And here it shows that despite all the scarcity of the liberal anti-Soviet group of people she quickly rallying against the entire Soviet. Yes, they bite then there like spiders in a jar, but ideologically, they present a United front. And is very active.

I decided to check, and how has such qualities a Pro-Soviet majority, can it somehow be consolidated? I decided to raise money for the same venue for their game. You can also support my project

Of course, we can say that the project I have is so-so, and what “to do not for money”, and many everything else, but the fact remains that anti-Soviet stuff has a unified front and effectively. And we? Whether amorphous Pro-Soviet majority to be firm?

And Yes, the project we finished and no fundraising, just slower.


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