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Listening to music before surgery increases the chances of survival

Прослушивание музыки перед операцией повышает шансы на выживание

A new study showed that patients who listened to music and viewed pictures before surgery, had lower levels of anxiety that not only boosted their chances of survival, but also contributed to their physical and psychological recovery.

The researchers found that patients who before surgery listened to music while browsing photos, felt less anxiety and had normal blood pressure and best heart rate and breathing, compared with patients who only viewed the photos.

The data indicate that the playback videos photos and music on your TV in the preoperative room can be a simple and cheap way of improving patient care without the need for drugs or invasive procedures.

“The creation of different types of music lists and collections of photos that the patient can choose depending on your preferences, can be a affordable and inexpensive way to reduce preoperative anxiety,” said lead author of the study Jose Gomez-Urquiza.

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