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Message to the workers of the USSR for posterity

Послание рабочих СССР для потомков

So, friends, today will be a post on a very interesting subject, native of the scoop, which is very important for understanding our present. As you know — in the Soviet Union periodically loved to leave all “message to posterity”, zamurowywania them at various construction sites. Typically, these messages ostavili all there selected teams of scouts and “advanced production”, and events such pathetic coverage by Soviet television and Newspapers — but sometimes, this message was left, and ordinary workers — and now it was there and you could see the truth about life in the USSR.

Today I will tell you about one such “unofficial” message. Recently, during the repair of a maternity hospital in Chelyabinsk, the builders found a bottle of Soviet vodka “Russkaya” with a sealed message for posterity. In this note a few words to distant descendants decided to write a regular work — which, apparently, he built or repaired the same hospital.

Personally, I was very interested to read this short letter that confirmed everything that I write about the Soviet Union. Below is a photo of the letter and the full text. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

So, here is a photograph of the letter found in a bottle:

Послание рабочих СССР для потомков

And here is the full text of the message of working for posterity:

1980. 16 Oct. Here worked a team of carpenters, gorlanova Nicholas.

Carpenters Lavrenov Mikhail Litvinenko Mikhail Anikin Fedor and others. Only 16 people. The salary of the carpenter 5-th digit 180-200 rubles per month. With products there seems to be nothing but meat, we do not see the years. Our leader Brezhnev sends abroad all blacks Cambodia, India, Iran, Korea. In General, to live is not very easy. The World is not easy. War, war.

Whoever finds this note, please contact us.


Goodbye. Lavrenov

As for me, this short letter is stunning for its power and veracity of the text, besides talking a lot more about the era than any pathetic Komsomol “the message to descendants” with stories about billions of tons of pig iron and trillions harvested skird some. In three sentences the carpenter Lavrenov confirmed and the real level of wages in the “developed” Brezhnev USSR — circa 140 rubles (carpenters got more), and a real assortment of shops of the era (“meat can not see the years”), and that even ordinary workers to understand the stupidity and adventurousness of the Soviet projects, like the war in Afghanistan.

If such messages were more something the fans of the USSR now would be not so much because people would know the truth. And note that even then people knew that with absolute power, the government foolishly wasting their money sending them to support any krasnozhopye rebels in the Kambojas and other overseas Brahmanah. In the same way, these days does Putinism, “forgiving debts” thereby countries.

And in the comments write what you think about all this, I wonder.

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