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Named products that are not worth it

Названы продукты, которые есть не стоитWe are what we eat.

Today it is practically impossible to organize food so it was purely natural, healthy ingredients.

But you can at least eliminate from your diet the most dangerous, because some of the things we buy, or as a slow poison action is not called.

To eat or not to eat?

Today customers are offered a number of Goodies, which with regular use not only makes you say goodbye to the figure, but also a negative impact on overall health. And some of them are even addictive. So think 100 times, is it worth it before you send this stuff in your body. The first thing to do is to abandon that which contains especially a lot of harmful additives.

1. Sweets unnaturally bright colors – candies, chewing candies, marmalade. They contain a huge number of flavors and colors. Even a piece of cake compared to them useful! If you want something sweet, you better eat dried fruit, a little honey. Here it is worth to mention not really a food product is chewing gum. According to the degree of harm it jumps up above all. It consists entirely of food additives: stabilizers, flavorings, colorings, sweeteners… in a word, “benefit” is obvious. The regular use of all of this you can get an upset stomach, allergies, skin diseases.

2. White bread. It has no vitamins and minerals. It’s dead weight. Better to prefer whole grain bread.

3. Sugary sodas, juices, diet drinks contain lots of harmful sugars irritate and cause thirst. Diet soda has less calories, but artificial sweeteners, included in its composition, can arouse the appetite. Will eventually earn a lot of calories.

4. The Breakfast “Sweet cereal”. In fact, they only provide an empty stomach and the fat on the sides. And position them as a useful thing. Better like bran, if you like to crunch.

5. Yogurt. Fans of advertising are absolutely sure that the yogurt is the most useful product. If you regularly eat, you’ll be healthy until old age. A serious misconception. Of course, yogurt with beneficial bacteria exist, but in expensive stores, and their shelf life may not be more than 3 days. Today, yogurts are ranked by specialists among the most harmful products along with the chips. They contain stabilizers, antioxidants, thickeners do not benefit, only harm. Especially cautiously it is necessary to treat the yogurt with fruit pieces, stabilitywise by radiation. Available yogurt citric acid in large quantities has a carcinogenic effect. Regular consumption of yogurt can cause allergies and diseases of the pancreas.

6. Noodles and mashed potatoes. Do you really expect from the miracle bag, you are a Royal dish? Spaghetti with chicken, shrimp and mushrooms? And cook it for 3-5 minutes. Systematic consumption of the “feed” strongly damages the digestive system. The body gets nothing necessary and useful, and starts to send signals that need to eat. In the end, you’re always eating, but only things are there. Body wants something healthy, real food. And included preservatives, flavor enhancers and many other “pleasant” surprises cause upset stomach, anoxia, liver damage, food allergies, nervous disorders finally cancer. The list goes on.

7. Mayonnaise, ketchup. Any food they will turn into pure poison. Ketchup, by the way, perfectly interrupting even the taste of soured products. And mayonnaise on their caloric doubled ahead fat sour cream and very quickly deposited in the form of extra pounds. And low-calorie mayonnaise will not escape, because, the lower the calories, the less natural ingredients it will. And to the splitting of chemically produced oil, often forming the basis of mayonnaise, the body is not adapted absolutely. Such TRANS-fats the body can’t get naturally, and they begin to pile up, threatening obesity and atherosclerosis. If you really love mayonnaise, prepare it yourself at home. Genuine mayonnaise – cold sauce, not intended for cooking in the composition of the hot dishes.

8. Popcorn. Part of it corn is not dangerous and even useful because it contains fiber, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, zinc. But it takes quite a different turn when it turns out the subtleties of cooking – in the there dyes, oil, salt, sugar, caramelization. Salted popcorn dose of salt is such that the chips can only dream of!

9. Low calorie and low fat foods. They have fewer calories, but a lot of traps. Reduction of fat is accompanied by an increase in the proportion of carbohydrates – sugar, starches. But because of the supplements included in the Lite versions of products, often inhibited metabolic processes. Plus many important vitamins are fat soluble: for example, calcium from low-fat dairy products cannot be assimilated.

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