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Named products which is not worth saving

Названы продукты, на которых не стоит экономитьThis can significantly damage your health.

At the grocery store or a supermarket we are always looking for ways to cut our expenses. However, there are products that are not worth saving. The Huffington Post publishes a list of goods that are not worth saving if you don’t want to cheat themselves and ruin their own health.

1) Med

In 2011, the U.S. broke the “honey scandal. Then it was discovered that a lot of cheap honey imported from China, is sweetened with corn syrup.

To increase the volume of product in honey mixed with sugar, flour, potato molasses, chalk, and starch. The most insidious “producers” even heat the honey with additives, that it became homogeneous.

Good honey can not be cheap, so do not be fooled by the price.

2) Olive oil

Even olive oil is subject to fraud. A recent disclosure showed that approximately 80% olive oil diluted with cheaper varieties, and sometimes completely other types of oils.

On the bottle be sure to look for the words “first cold pressed” and the date of harvest to make sure that you are getting what you want.

3) Chocolate

Cheap chocolate does not make cocoa butter, the substance that gives chocolate its texture, – and use cheaper oil.

This affects not only the texture but also the taste. If you try the chocolate higher and lower quality, you will understand that the second one feels more sugar than other flavors.

4) Meat

In animal husbandry, are now actively apply hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals that contribute to the growth and maturation of livestock and poultry.

So the meat of higher quality is much more expensive than other options in the store.

5) Cheese

High-quality cheese may not be cheap. As a rule, cheap cheese manufacturers add processed vegetable fats, which are dangerous to health when used regularly

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