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Named unexpected cause of early wrinkles

Названа неожиданная причина появления ранних морщинThis popular hobby can hurt your skin.

Perhaps active users of social networks already can not imagine my life without selfies. Someone thinks a selfie is a manifestation of narcissism, who can not live without it and day.

The scientists decided to investigate all the pros and cons of selfies.

Medical Director of the London Skin Clinic Linia Dr. Simon Zocalo in one of his speeches noted that too much selfie craze can cause the appearance of wrinkles. The reason for this effect can be radiation, which produces smartphone. However, not all radiation can cause harm, some of them can cure acne.

A study of smartphones and other trendy gadgets is still under study.

However, scientists say that people who spend a lot of time at the screens of their smart phones, you risk the condition of your skin. Harmful rays contribute to aging and wrinkles.

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