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Note parachutist: fear of heights

I am sure that most of the users of our site, even those that are not “Stanislavskyi” by birth, they will not believe my words when I say that almost all of the pilots are afraid to jump with a parachute.

And many of them are not just afraid – terribly afraid!

Just do not think that they will refuse to make the jump, if they’re forced to do it circumstances, for example, in connection with professional activities. No, they will make the jump with a parachute, but will do it, stepping over.

In the parachute club, for example, our pilots have made in a month not more than three or four jumps, exactly the number for which they were paid money (behind prescription of years I do not remember the exact amount), but more – no, no!

Two and a half years in the parachute club, a few times I had to watch jumped the cadets of Armavir higher military school of pilots (AVVAKUM) defense: it was simply UNIMAGINABLE SIGHT. If You happened to see their tragicomic face, You would no longer respect the male half of humanity…

Now, with all those years, I realize that this animal fear in young children was caused, most likely, poor theoretical knowledge, which they, apparently, were held at the level of the elective.

During my sports career, before my eyes it took about two hundred recruits. There was not one who was not afraid, but they were all quite well: he joked with a sad face, laughing through her tears, but kept the lads, showing that they are ready to piss yourself, but to do what you came to our club (at the expense of the bathroom, I told not for effect – was this really the only case in my memory).

 Записки парашютиста: страх высоты

With such expressions we started…

A few minutes before the first jump (in the background, the instructor is already at the door waiting for admission bodies): people can see that indifferent to what is happening there, but it is not fear, but rather the fatal delight…

 Записки парашютиста: страх высоты

A few months later: fun, fun and nothing but fun!..

Unfortunately, some children are no longer alive: they all lived in Grozny, and in war as in war…

Now, the cadets came to our club under the command of Lieutenant Lily K., charming girl. Their fate they expected, standing to the side like a small herd of sheep prepared for the slaughter. Cadets were not talking to each other or sat on the grass, nor smoked, nor looked at each other and stared at us, athletes, scurrying in front of them, awaiting the decision of their fate…

Male category athletes paid them the slightest attention, but our girls Jolly women of them got through the program: jokes and jokes and fell against puzzled-Saraceno-scared “toy soldiers”.

The ensign Lily was silent, barely suppressing a smile. And only once, apparently sensing that the joke girls can lead to irreversible consequences, broke down and said, with extrinsic ordinary women, military humor:

– Come on, girls, leave them alone! From them and already stinks!..

For example, I still can’t understand why students made their mandatory jumps with a parachute D-1-5U? The fact that in this case, poorly prepared the public there is a special parachute D-5, or, as we called it, “oak”. I hope why “oak” is clear? The oaks have to jump on the “oaks”…

The whole trick of this parachute (and his ilk) is that it has stabilization dome (1,5M2), which within three seconds before opening the parachute allows the parachutist, regardless of the degree of turbulence in the air, the position of the “feet down”.

Before I started to use these parachutes often had accidents, when, from ill-prepared paratroopers parachute would open when they fell on your head, leading to penetration of the legs in slings. Some of them, unable to free herself, and landed on his back…

“Oak” allows even the most zaturkanny and frightened “blue beret” or those who refer to themselves, one hundred percent safe landing.

How was the weak level of training of parachutists in the army, says the fact. Designers D-5 provided on one of the straps of a parachute special lock for her releasing after landing, for rapid repayment of the dome (this is very important, if he had to go to join the battle). But because of the inability to use the castle and poor training, began to experience accidents, resulting in the parachutes of this type of LOCKS WERE RIVETED…

Parachutists landed on the circle and the beginners on the cross. Now, all attempts to explain to the students that need to “work” the parachute (D-1-5U – driven parachute) to “cross” to nothing lead: most of them are stupid “worked” on the circle, disturbing the athletes.

And the reason for their dullness was the fact that due to the significant height (first jump was performed from a height of 900-1000 metres) land as “left” under the parachutist, that is, in order to see a “cross”, you had to push the legs, but terrified of the “fighters” of the mind for that was not enough.

While these crazed from fear of freaks had to control when they touch the ground. For this purpose the landing spot was posted by two people with megaphones, using ten mats explained the inadequate what is the issue that needs to be addressed.

It happened about as follows. Another inadequacy is not landing into the wind, as expected in the wind (the horizontal velocity of a parachute is 2-3 m/s plus the permissible wind speed up to 5m/s and as a result, it is possible to get a bruise or even a broken limb).

Now, if this*BCU (excuse me women can’t do without mats even thirty years to think about it) to shout in a loudspeaker normal language:

– Turn around 180°! – he didn’t understand…

Therefore, the instructor yells to him:

TURN AROUND TO WHERE THE BACK! – accompanying this phrase with the following definitions, among which the most harmless are “mother” and “mouth”…

The first time, human handling, reaction from neadekvata should not be any. In the latter case, a CLEAR AND CORRECT COMMAND EXECUTION…

Once, when I personally had to assume the role of instructor, “host” body is inadequate on the landing place, I, after the end of the work shift, during lunch, in the hearts said to his instructor Lech:

– Your mother! How do these idiots will serve in air defense! Too me, the future “heroes”…

Leh, hearing my words, nearly choked on a piece of schnitzel:

– Well, you fucking give, letea! It makes me sad-sad that you did not expect such words! You must understand that the more such of our army is inadequate, so it is nepobedimie! With SUCH EAGLES we are not afraid of the devil himself…


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