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Nutritionists: peanut butter helps to lose weight

Диетологи: арахисовое масло помогает сбросить вес

Snacks peanut butter or peanuts, you can afford to do up to four times a week. American scientists came to the conclusion that it protects against obesity.

They conducted a study lasting 12 weeks. It was attended by 257 adolescents. About half of these volunteers 3-4 times a week received a peanut or peanut butter. The rest gave these products less than once a week. The participants then continued to bite for another 12 weeks.

As it turned out, the teenagers that were regularly given peanuts or peanut butter, the body mass Index (BMI) at 24 weeks decreased compared to volunteers that received them rarely. Therefore, nutritionists advise students to substitute unhealthy foods for snack peanuts and peanut butter.

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