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Piggy nationwide irritation

Копилка общенародного раздражения

Curious overlay of events: first, the hype over unfortunate remarks of a philologist of the Russian language, then the administrative bustle of the rector of the HSE, who tried to prohibit teachers to speak out on urgent social themes. Now Putin on the cave Russophobia said. What follows from all this? Nothing! Trying to grasp on to any excuse (like foreign interference in the protests in Moscow) to “raise the Patriotic spirit” and cause a new wave of people’s love for their power. All ill-conceived and done in haste. So the result will be appropriate. Citizens went to the store before the holiday and found that prices have been growing every week, but every day. And about the fact that “a lot of iron and steel per capita”, it is the older age groups know themselves, and to the children explained that behind this phrase is, what’s the catch.

In the Treasury of the whole people irritation the political course throw muck and loyal entrepreneurs. For example, has produced champagne with a creative name: 1937. Well, well. Sport boys.

And at the same time, poor Eugene is already facing a fist the bronze horseman. But it’s all nonsense, isn’t it? Marginal it, this is your Eugene. And 800 thousand families of security forces secure shield standing in the vast country: a multinational, with neoliberal Economics, with an opaque decision-making system, with the informal “gray” areas in policy and lack of a coherent social ideal.

All will be well.

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