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Products which wrinkles appear on the face

Продукты, от которых появляются  морщины на лицеExperts in the field of healthy eating called foods that lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

Experts in the field of healthy eating called foods that lead to the appearance of wrinkles. They also talked about the fact that you need to eat to maintain youthfulness.

For most of us the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines on the face is an inevitable process of aging. A nutritionist from London, Kim Pearson says that our diet has a profound effect on the skin in the long run.

There are foods that actively contribute to the appearance of wrinkles, as there are meals that help to preserve youthfulness.

With age our skin becomes more thin, it is vulnerable to dryness. That is why it is important fatty acids. Modern humans in the diet, there is a lack of fatty acids omega-3, so the diet is better to add more oily fish like tuna and salmon, and nuts and seeds.

But with the excess consumption of alcohol is better to say goodbye. Alcoholic drinks increase the production of free radicals, which cause cell damage and accelerate the ageing process. Alcohol also contributes to dehydration and has a negative impact on the way our body absorbs, stores, uses and excretes nutrients, including those important for healthy skin.

Kim Pearson actively encouraged to turn the table in a colorful rainbow, saturate the diet of colorful fruits and vegetables containing phytonutrients. This herbal nutrients, which affect the body as antioxidants and directly protect skin cells from free radical damage. The more colorful your vegetables and fruits, the better. Make a choice in favor of broccoli, blueberries, lemons, peppers and oranges.

From the diet should exclude foods that cause inflammation associated with fever, swelling, redness and pain. That’s the way the body responds to infection or injury. These processes are stimulated after absorbing carbohydrates like white bread, rice and other products from wheat flour. It is also recommended to reduce the consumption of sugar and sweets, fried, processed meats, TRANS-fats and omega-6.

Eat foods that actively reduce inflammation, like trout and broccoli. Say “no” to fast food and most processed foods sold in supermarkets. Usually they are rich in refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats and artificial fillers. Spend more time to produce your own food, preserving the natural content. Your skin and waistline will tell you thank you for it.

Kim recommends looking for alternatives to sugar like xylitol and stevia. You need to remember that rich in beta-carotene and lycopene vegetables like tomatoes protect the skin. Most useful for skin hot beverage is green tea. Finally, do not be amiss to find time for stress management, facilitated by yoga and meditation.

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