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Russian divers made the deepest ice dive in the world

Российские дайверы совершили самое глубокое подледное погружение в мире

– All it has the deepest ice-dip in the world! But it’s not a record for the record! divers from the underwater detachment. Alexei Leonov of the Russian geographical society can’t contain my emotions. 5 March went down in history not only domestic, but world of diving. But the more they are happy, what now about them to speak the whole world, and that everything went well and all are alive and well, reports the “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Murmansk”.

To main (the hole – ed.) got on a snowmobile – or won’t be reached. After all, it is located approximately 15 miles from shore, and no snowy road specifically for the expedition “the Arctic circle” (part of the project “13 seas of Russia”) to peel. The record was prepared for several days, praying to heavenly office did not interfere. And the weather was merciful: the overcast sky only at the last minute engendered a snowstorm, when the snow was a wall. Prior to that, the conditions were almost a resort for the Arctic zone: -9 outside, the water temperature is 1.5 degrees.

Российские дайверы совершили самое глубокое подледное погружение в мире

The water temperature in the White sea was 1.5 degrees. Almost resort conditions for the Arctic. Photo: Anton Raihstat

Before you go into the pitchy darkness, the divers have been studying for weeks. At the edge of the lane affects the voltage – cut face wrinkles from concentration, breathing deep and heavy. In the water dive four: Igor Artemiev and Murmansk resident Alexey Poleshchuk reach to depths of 30 meters and stay on it to insure Maxim Astakhov and Alexander Gubin. They slowly but surely went further and further into the black corridor of water. While special devices showed that the athletes reached the mark of 102 meters from the surface.

– There is a record! – with a smile says, Bozhana Ostojic, a member of the team of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the Board of Directors of the world Confederation of underwater activities. The lady was trusted to fix the world – the deepest ice diving with Autonomous domestic equipment. It is a regulator for scuba diving, and buoyancy compensator. Import substitution and import substitution.

Technique, only recently developed and released from the machine, in our Northern waters to test for the second time. It first set a record in the Barents sea, now in White.

– But it will take dozens of dives to fully test it. While the technique shows excellent results! – says Alexey Poleshchuk. – By the way, the expedition was attended by people with very different training. Therefore, in the water we made use of climbing equipment, carabiners and ropes, belaying Maxim and Aleksandra.

And those, in turn, brought another “appendage” – a scientific technique. When the divers reach record depths, we were not to rejoice but to work. As for the scientists in the white sea biological station named after N. A. Pertsov had to collect soil samples. Technique with this task, oddly enough, cope three. The bottom in the White sea almost everywhere muddy. Mechanical and “hand” in an attempt to take the test, just raises the suspension. The already dark water from behind the grey-yellow of the bottom becomes muddy. It’s pitch-dark, and the whole ground passes like sand through your fingers. But divers were able to do everything carefully and even to cover the bottom of powerful searchlights. It turned out that at this depth there is life. And not inhabited by monsters and beautiful sea anemones and sea stars.

All the athletes took nearly 80 minutes. All this time other members of the expedition spent in anxious waiting at the edge of the lane. The excitement, despite all the professionalism slipped. Behind the conquest of the Arctic ocean and lakes dangerous. But even after a hundred dives and dozens of records, we cannot say that there is no risk. Caution when divers appear on the surface, they immediately hurries diving doctor of the Military medical Academy. Kirov. Pulse, blood pressure, everything is normal, he feels great and the adrenaline in the blood. Athletes remove heavy equipment, which weighs only slightly less than their own weight and dive into a warm tent to drink sweet tea. And at the same time to consider shots underwater world – curiosity got the better of fatigue.

– The price of victory is high. The stakes were high, including our reputation. Soon the second phase of the Grand expedition “13 seas of Russia” is completed. But there are new challenges to which we need to start preparing immediately. You have to conquer the Japanese sea, Laptev sea, and other, – shared his plans Alexey Poleshchuk.

Incidentally, in the Guinness book of records achievement on the White sea to say will not be. According to athletes, the compilers are often subjective. And the tick in this book is not the main thing, the science and development of diving in Russia mean more.


By the WAY

And our-hoo!

Record in the White sea became the fifth on account of a submarine detachment of Russian geographical society. Until then divers have glorified their names by the following achievements:

* the first winter immersion of a person in the “Pole of Cold” (January 2013, lake labynkyr);

* deepest dive of the man at the “Pole of Cold” (February-March 2014. Oz-ro Net. Depth – 59,6 m);

* deepest dive scuba diver off the coast of Antarctica (December 2014. Depth is 97 meters);

* deepest dive scuba diver in the Arctic (Barents sea) (July, 2015. Depth – 111 metres).

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