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Samsung Galaxy S7 did not survive a dive to 10 meter depth

One of the main advantages of the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7, one of these days sold at retail stores, it is water resistant, which is mentioned in any article or test review. However, the monoblock is realized only moisture that is not able to cope with strong water pressure, which was confirmed experimentally.

Western bloggers with channel EverythingApplePro did an experiment on immersion of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 in the cold Colorado river to a depth of over 10 meters. The device was sealed in a jar from-under paints with the pre-done holes in it and weight in the form of cobblestone. The cell phone was submerged for about five minutes, but it was enough for him — he passed away and did not respond even to the power button or connecting charger. He just barely vibrate and flashing touch buttons under the display.

For reasons of clarity, together with the Korean flagship was placed smartphone Apple iPhone 6s, previously a prisoner in a special unit with the same standard of protection against ingress of water as that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 — IP68. “Apple” mobile phone with the honor came out of this test, while fully preserving the function and, moreover, without even getting wet under the body. Based on the results of the experiment we conclude: if you really need a waterproof phone, there is nothing to look for him in the high-end segment it’s not in there, and water definitely will need to buy an extra sturdy casing.

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