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Scientists have linked the consumption of milk and cancer

By complex tests and experiments, the staff of the medical center, located in Switzerland, put forward the hypothesis that debunks the myth about the benefits of milk for health. The doctors made a statement, which implies that active consumption of milk may contribute to the development of cancer.
Many women drink milk, considering that help your body. But in the experiments of scientists in Switzerland have been employed precisely the fairer sex, and these experiments revealed a heavily pronounced negative effect.
According to the electronic journal “Herald of health” to participate in the study were invited girls who have this product occupied an important place in the diet. After analyzing the influence of milk on the female body, researchers concluded: frequent milk consumption may trigger the development of complex diseases. Moreover, regularly drink milk, in their opinion, correlated with the extremely high risk of premature death.

“Daily use of a pint of milk increases the mortality rate by 300%”, these are the calculations of the Swiss researchers.

In terms of the complex diseases that can arise from the adverse effect of milk on the body, experts have called such as diabetes and tumors of the genital organs. They also agree with earlier opinion that using milk cannot strengthen bone tissue. Thus physicians emphasize that, unlike milk, fermented products based on it can bring many benefits to the body. The experts strongly recommend to use yogurt instead of milk, yogurt and cheese.

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