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Scientists: women use the brain more effectively than men

Ученые: женщины используют мозг эффективнее, чем мужчины

Scientists from the USA managed to prove that women use the brain more effectively than men.

Researchers from California decided to conduct an experiment. They gathered a group of volunteers from 45 men and 59 women.

As it turned out, the brain of women is easier from the male brain on 100-150 grams. In this case the female brain spends less energy required for brain cells. The research also showed that the female brain has more connections between the brain cells. In the brain men’s greater number of neurons. Such differences in the brain structure of men and women explain that women are able to think faster and their brain works more efficiently.

At the same time men better make decisions in unusual stressful situations. Men can concentrate on one thing that allows them to quickly find the optimal solution. Women distracted by the details, whereas men think of the situation as a whole.

However, the female brain allows them to do multiple tasks at once, while the man concentrates on one task.

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