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Smart watch NO.1 G3 will help you to lose weight by summer

Wearable electronics is breaking all records of sales of smart watches and fitness trackers becoming increasingly popular, not only in Asia but also in Europe, USA and, of course, in Russia. There are also gadgets that combine the properties of watches and trackers, and one of them is called NO.1 G3. Let us consider it. Manufacturer NO.1 G3 is positioned as a smart watch, and outwardly, indeed, is what they are. However, it is still and the tracker, as it is crammed with various sensors for tracking the activity of its owner. So, NO.1 G3 fit calorie counter and made steps, the controller of the distance travelled and at the same time the sensor of cardiac rhythm.

Such a rich set of features makes the smart watch NO.1 G3 is very popular in the market, and this very contributes to their more than low cost: this gadget can be purchased for just USD 58 in a well-known online store GearBest with free shipping. But, if the watch you liked, it is not necessary to think – the indicated price is promotional and at the time of this writing, in stock in less than 50 instances of the device.

If you use NO.1 G3 as an accessory, he will be pleasantly surprised by its versatility – the watch is perfectly combined with business, and with a sports suit and look great both on men and on women’s wrists. Their main feature is a fully round screen, which is not even in the much more expensive Apple Watch. But if you compare them with the Motorola 360, then there is NO advantage.1 G3 because the display of this clock, unlike the Moto 360, not cut off at the bottom.

Watch case NO.1 G3 is made of durable stainless steel and built-in them software allows you to monitor parameters of the body without syncing with a smartphone – all data will be displayed on the screen, with a resolution of 240х240 pixels and high-quality IPS matrix. ON endowed with unique user-friendly interface with intuitive icons. If necessary, watch NO.1 G3 can be associated with a smartphone based on Google Android or Apple iOS, which they will use them in the built-in Bluetooth 4.0. All data is transmitted in the original application, plus, watch in sync mode can be used as a remote in your smartphone.

But you should know that the watch NO.1 G3 not only know how to work without a smartphone – they can completely replace it due to the presence of microSIM slot, thanks to which you can connect to cellular GSM networks for making calls. The Bluetooth module in this case is useful to connect a wireless headset. Hardware specifications smart-watches NO.1 G3, in addition, includes a MediaTek MT2502 processor, 64 GB of RAM and 128 MB ROM, plus you can install a microSD memory card. Let us add that their interface is fully translated into Russian language. Stand NO.1 G3 at the store GearBest 58 USD.

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