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Social advertising as guarantor for the education of young people

Социальная реклама как гарант воспитания молодежи

If you wonder about the problems of modernity can be seen as a large amount of information in the Network negatively affects the “young minds”. Agree that over time the Internet has become too many so-called dirt. While youth without my noticing, ceased to be interested in art and culture – enlightened. This, in turn, faces a crisis as moral and moral education of the people’s suffering.

What is responsible government? Disable the Internet it is, of course, but to do that it is necessary, and for this reason, social institutions of the country was given a “task” to engage citizens.

Yesterday in the capital of our country Moscow metro jointly with the Department of health and the Moscow Finance and law University organized the “Night of social advertising.” At the metro station “Slavic Bazaar” was held event dedicated to the most pressing and exciting issues of our time.

Sponsors of public service announcements presented to the public, were students of the institutions mentioned above. Special attention was paid to the problem of mutual understanding between parents and children, as well as environmental pollution and the need for prevention of various diseases.

It is worth noting that the audience enough emotionally accepted what is happening event. In fact, people liked it, which may indicate a positive result.

And apparently, the Russian government will continue to assist stakeholders in the promotion of art and cultural property institutions in helping to organize such events. It safely affects the population of the state, and the country will cease to walk the talk about the fact that the new generation is degraded.

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