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Sony Xperia XZ has appeared on sale

Sony started distributing its new smartphone Xperia XZ, presented less than a month ago in Berlin at the IFA show in 2016. He was presented with a more affordable candybar Sony Xperia X Compact, but he is not ready for release and will be released a little later.

Sony Xperia XZ has gone on sale in black, silver and blue body colors and the style of modern smartphones from China, supports the installation of two SIM-cards. Despite its Japanese origins, the candy bar was released only in Taiwan, where he asked for 730 U.S. dollars, and at least a third of the cost goes to the logo and the main camera, which is here, by the way, 23-megapixel. All other components can no longer be considered the top, and “Chinese devices in terms” virtually identical fillings are three times cheaper.

So, obscenely expensive Sony Xperia XZ carries only 3 GB of RAM and drive on a 64 GB, and the CPU of his, even top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is only four cores. In this regard, the question arises — who will soon repeat the fate of BlackBerry, which also inflated the prices of their mobile phones, and is now forced to stop their production because of the almost zero demand? The answer, I think you already know. And yet, the new Sony Xperia XZ is powered by a battery capacity of only 2900 mAh, so what about a decent standalone unit you can forget. But the selfie camera is excellent, 13 megapixel, without flash.

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